William Fèvre Chile Espino Pinot Noir 2014

HK$138.00 HK$168.00

100% Pinot Noir

Tasting Note:

The Espino Pinot Noir presents a nice ruby color. Behind its characteristic nose of cherry and strawberries it reveals a hint of humid hearth and a slightly spicy finish. In the palate, the attack is subtle, with a kind but sufficient tannic structure, a refreshing acidity and a mid to long length.

Wine Making Note:

Produced according to the ancient and traditional Burgundy ‘pigeage’ technique, using small open tanks of 8,000 liters where it is made ‘by hand’. After harvesting in the cool of the mountain morning the tanks are macerated for about 5 days at a temperature of 8°C. Fermentation at between 18-24°C takes place over about a week. The unique process of pigeage or punching down, keeps the cap or sombrero of skins moist and allows for the intensifying of flavours and richer colors. A small portion of the blend is aged in burgundy barrels from Francois Frere for about four months.

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